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For me, pearls are the definition of elegance. That's why I decided to make a simple, clean and elegant card for this challenge.

Unfortunately, this month I wasn't able to take step-by-step pictures, but I will give you all the instructions you need to make this card.

For the base I used a regular cream card, A6 (A5 folded).

Then I cut a piece of printed paper from this set: Marianne Design A5 Paper Bloc - Noir & Blanc PK9103 (size 14cmx9,5cm)

I used May Arts Silk Ribbon - 32mm Deep Rose to create an elegant ribbon bow.

How-to tie a double ribbon bow

  1. I cut 2 pieces of the ribbon, different sizes. I added hot glue on one end (small dots, to keep the ends flexible).

  2. I glued the ends together.

  3. I overlapped the two loops.

  4. Using another piece of the ribbon, I tied the loops together.

Then I glued the ends of the ribbon on the printed paper's back and I glued it to the card.

I cut 3 pieces of Trimits Pearl Strung Beading - 2.5mm Cream and I made 3 loops. I glued them under the ribbon using hot glue.

I cut the black frame using Marianne Design Craftables Die - Circles CR1201. For every shape I cut I used Core'dinations ColorCore Cardstock - Distress A4.

Then I cut the central circle using cArt-Us Nested Dies - Circles #0101 and I glued it to the black circle. I added pearls to the black circle to give it an elegant look. I used Kars Self Adhesive Pearls - Ivory, round pearls, small and medium sizes. I used Stix2 Double Sided Craft Foam Tape Roll - 12mmx2mx2mm to stick the framed circle to the card and also the lady to the circle because it creates a nice 3D effect.

I cut the lady using Marianne Design Creatables Dies - Lord and Lady LR0211. I created a pearl necklace for her using the pearl beading and hot glue. I also made a flower for her hair using the stamen from this set: Marianne Design Creatables Die - Poinsettias Miniature LR0142.

I hope you like my elegant lady with pearls card. :)

Happy crafting, Isabela.

© 2014 Isabela Mihalcea at My Paper Universe

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A medium size wooden box decorated with pearls and diamonds is perfect as a gift for jewelries or small items.

Before I start painting the box I find it helpful to remove the hinges and the lock. If you can manage it with them on, then just start painting the box with the white pearl colour.

Make light shadows with the black paint. Let it dry.

Stamp the left side of the box with Viva’s vintage couture lady using the clear ink.

Remove stamp, sprinkle with silver embossing powder and set design with your heat gun.

Take the crispy lace ribbon and carefully glue it with your heat gun at the right side of the box. Don’t forget to cut at the edges to allow opening of the box.

Do the same with the scalloped lace. Glue it aside to the crispy one.

Pass some small beads though the silver wire and secure the with a little glue. Curve them and shape them.

Cut 2 x 8-9cm long pieces of the ribbon and glue them to form drops. Cut one 15cm long piece too.

Start placing your embellishments. First position the ribbon “drops”. Then the cut a 20cm long 4mm pearl strung and place on the top of the ribbons forming a drop as the photo below. Do the same with the 2.5mm pearl strung and place it on top of the thicker one.

Follow decoration by adding the flowers, the beads on the wire and finish with rhinestones. Glue around the lower part of the box some satin ribbon and decorate with rhinestones.

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This is my second project as a Design Team member for Cuddly Buddly and I loved doing this one because I had ALL the things I needed from Cuddly Buddly this time. I wanted to use the delightful Marianne Princess Carriage and decided to decorate a Knorr Prandell Cardboard Picture Frame with diamonds and pearls on a 'wedding' theme.

Instructions for assembly

The first picture is of the basic 6" x 6" cardboard frame. This frame has a piece of thin acetate as a cover for your photograph and a stand at the back.

I painted it front and back with Gesso (or you could use white acrylic paint) to act as a primer. You have to be careful not to over soak the cardboard with too much moisture as it will warp and split. I had to strengthen the stand at the back as I had done just that. It is better to add two coats thinly applied than one thickly.

I decided to try to cover the front with one whole napkin rather than sections so I took off the two ply pieces, leaving the final thin layer and placed this over the frame and cut the shape out (you can see through the thin one-ply napkin) and I cut the centre square out too, leaving a small border around the outside and the inner square.

I have carefully, a section at a time, used a matt gel medium, (but you could use watered down glue ½ and ½ mixture instead) placing the napkin onto the glued section and worked round the frame taking my time. This has to be left to dry before the next stage, but you can use your heat gun to hurry up the drying process.

In the next stage, I used the lovely Guipure lace (White Diamond) cutting it at each corner. I stuck it down with Glossy Accents, but here's a good tip; don't be tempted to play with the lace once it has been placed on the line of Glossy Accents - leave it alone to soak into the lace and to dry naturally. It is so easy to try to hold it down, but it will dry much quicker if you leave it to do its job. If you want to straighten it, use a pin or the end of a pair of tweezers otherwise the lace will lift and stick to your fingers!

Use the same process for the Darice Bling.

I then added a string of pearls (Pearl Strung Beading) around the edge of the lace and bling using the same method as previously described using Glossy Accents. Leave it to set and don't try to lift it up or press it down!

While the Glossy Accents is drying, die cut your chosen pieces (I used Marianne's Craftables Die (Birds & Trellis) and Marianne's Creatables Die (Princess Carriage). I loved thes dies the minute I saw them and was dying to use them for this project! Decorate them how you want to. Because this project was about Diamonds and Pearls I used both on these lovely dies, as well as flowers on the trellis and a pretty bow on both.

I 'fussy cut' the butterflies and the cherub from the Cart-us Romantic Vintage paper pad and finished it off with a grosgrain ribbon bow with Mr & Mrs on it, using my hot glue gun to secure them in place. I used sticky fixers to raise the coach away from the lace slightly and finally, I cut the picture from the Vintage Romance Marianne pack and slid it behind the acetate. You could replace this picture with one of your own if you wanted to.

© 2014 Carol Findon on Facebook

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When Kim announced that this month’s challenge was to be based around the theme of ‘Diamonds’, I knew I wanted to put a masculine spin on it and the ‘Local Lads’ digi stamps were just what I needed to create a personalised ‘Diamond Geezer’ journal cover!

(Use 1cm seams throughout project)


Firstly measure the outside of your notebook, being sure to include the depth of the spine. Add a couple of centimetres to both the height and width for seam allowances. Cut your fabric to size and back with light weight interfacing.

Next trace the ‘Local Lads’ pieces onto the bondaweb and then fuse to scraps of coloured fabrics following manufacturers’ instructions. Fix to your journal cover piece with your iron. Mine is a present for my nephew so I’ve added his name and also changed the hairstyle so that it looks just like him! I love using these high quality digital stamps as they can be coloured and customised in so (sew!) many different ways.

Set your machine to a reduced stitch length and, using black thread, carefully sew around the pieces to add definition and secure them into place.

You now need to create the flaps which hold the cover into place on your notebook. To do this simply cut two pieces of fabric twice the final width you want them to be, I made mine 18cms so that the finished flaps were 9cms. They need to be the same height as your cover piece. Fold them in half and then place on top of your front cover, right sides together.

Cut your lining fabric so that it is the same size as your outer cover and lay it on top of your fabric ‘sandwich’ again with right sides facing.

In the picture above I haven’t trimmed all the pieces to the same size so that you could see the different layers more easily, but I did straight after I took the photo! Machine stitch the whole way around your cover, remembering to leave a small turning gap.

Trim the seam allowance and clip the corners to reduce bulk. Then turn through to the right size and use a chopstick or other ‘blunt point’ to push out the corners neatly.

Press and hand stitch the opening close and that’s it ... A beautiful personalised journal for the man in your life!

© 2014 Josie Day at Sew for Soul

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Hi Everyone. Step by step instructions and videos to paint a delightful design using a mermaid digital stamp and an oyster shell.


Resize Digital Image =15.5cm High x 6.6cm wide.

Click on the image to access the Free Pattern printable PDF

Shell image square = 20cm High x 2 cm wide.

Print both images – Trace the shell and the mermaid to give the illusion that she is sitting on the shell – ensure that both images fit inside the 20cm square.


Transfer the tracing onto the canvas.

Painting Instructions

Basecoat No 1

With the Wash Brush, brush mix water and Emperors Gold. Paint the entire surface of the canvas top and sides with the slip slap technique the linedrawing will still show through. Dry. Note - Slip slap is a quick basecoat technique that is basically large crosses.

Basecoat No 2

With the Wash brush, brush mix water and a touch of Ocean Blue and glaze random streaks around the shell lid, lighten if needed with the watery gold. Dry Mix the watery gold and watery blue together and glaze the entire surface around the shell lid. Add more gold and water if mix is too blue. Dry.

Note - Glazing with watery paint, load the brush then swipe the brush across kitchen roll or a rag to take off the “wetness” on the brush. A glaze is a hint of colour not a puddle of watery paint.

Basecoat No 3

With the Angle brush, brush mix water and Honey Brown and glaze the area under the shell, it will “ground” the shell onto the sea bed. Dry.

Basecoat No 4

With the Wash brush, brush mix Water and Mink Pearl and glaze the shell lid. Dry With the Angle brush fully loaded in Mink Pearl. Use the width of the brush to outline the edge of shell lid with a wavy stripe that follows the curves. Dry.

Basecoating remaining sections of the design. These sections may need several coats of paint to achieve an opaque finish, dry well between each layer.

Mix together French Mauve and White Pearl 1:1 Use Round brush, paint the shell cushion.

Mix together French Mauve and Mink Pearl 2:1 Use the Round brush paint the frilly edge of the shell.

Mix together Raw Umber and Mink Pearl 1:1 Use the Angle brush, paint the shell base


Her hair is Honey Brown, using the Round brush paint her hair in strands, copy the digital stamp for general placement.

Paint her skin with Flesh Tone. Using the Angle, Round or Liner depending on size of each area.

Bikini Top and Tail, although this will be Metallic Silver Sage the colour will show clearer when based with one coat of Soft Sage and the one or two coats of Silver Sage. Use a variety of brushes for the different sized areas and dry well between coats.

Using the liner carefully paint the pearl with White Pearl. Dry thoroughly.

Re align the tracing and transfer the eyes, brows, hair details and any details on bikini top and tail that have been covered up with paint.

Now we start floating shade and highlights and the design will start to have some dimension. Shading takes the design back and creates a darker shadow and highlights bring a design forward with a lighter colour.

Load the angle brush with Raw Umber, blend and shade underneath the frilly edge on the shells base.

Using the same brush and colour paint a back to back shading float along the line between the cushion and the frilly shell edge, down one side and then the other.

With the Liner brush mix a little water with Raw Umber. Paint hair strands to give depth and direction. Follow the transferred lines

With the Liner brush carefully paint eyes and line the brows. Be careful these eyes may grow in size it is tempting to try to get these exactly the same size and shape. Dry.

Use the Liner brush and White Pearl paint small comma strokes on bikini top frill, and tail fin. Dry.

With the Stylus and Titanium White, dip and dot to embellish her bikini top, waistband and fin on tail as shown.

Load the Angle brush with a brush mix of French Mauve and Titanium White and float a highlight along the frilly edge on base of shell.

Fully load the Round brush with Titanium White, then wipe most of the paint off. With a very light touch dry brush the top of the shell cushion.

Her tail scales are painted with a cotton bud and White Pearl. Dip and dot and dot in staggered rows. Dry thoroughly.

Load the Angle brush and float shade with a brush mix of Silver Sage and Raw Umber. Shade under the dots on her bikini top, under waistline frill, the bend in her tail where it overlaps and the base of her tail fins. Dry.

With the Liner brush and Titanium White. Highlight the pearl with a small comma shaped stroke.

With the Stylus highlight her eyes with Titanium White. Imagine each eye is a small clock face and place the dot at approx 5 o’clock and dry thoroughly.

Outline all of the design elements with the Liner brush and inky Zinc. Sign and date your project and dry thoroughly.

Embellish the shell lid with small dots using the Cream Perlen Pen, place dots along each transferred line on the Mink Pearl stripe.

Add the Metal Charm Corners. I preferred the brass coloured corners and I glued them onto the canvas with dots of Perlen Pen and wiped off any seepage with a baby wipe.

Leave to airdry on a flat surface for a couple of days to allow the paint to dry completely and cure. Then seal your project with Americana® Sealer/Finisher.

I look forward to seeing your projects and maybe one of the design team has inspired you to take part in this challenge.

Until next time HAPPY PAINTING

For new painters the following technique videos will help you to understand the jargon I use -

Tracing & Transferring – Linerwork – Floating Colour Shading – Chocolate Cake Floating Highlights.

Watch decorative painting videos by Gill on YouTube

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