I'm not a wordy person, I'm not a number loving financial person, I'm not even a campaigner, I'm a quiet, work behind the scenes designer who loves to design and craft, so what on earth could have driven me to get on my soapbox and write a blog post about forthcoming VAT (Value Added Tax) changes and the impact this is having on independent craft artists, designers and crafters.

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Whilst I love zooming up and down on my sewing machine, there’s something about the shorter winter nights which makes me want to curl up in front of the fire with a hand sewing project and here’s the ideal make - Funky little felt ornaments. They’re perfect for hanging on your tree or adorning that special present. I’ve also included a freestanding version, offering up even more decorating possibilities for your dinner table or festive mantel!

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These little skates are perfect for the tree. My Christmas tree is a mixture of lots of ornaments that I’ve gathered over the years and my favourite colour is red, bright and cheery. If you have a colour co-ordinated tree this colour way may not fit the scheme. On the DecoArt website there is a “Learning” section where you can find techniques and helpful information. You will find right at the top of the list “Americana Shading & Highlight Chart” This chart names the colours that work best with each other to add dimension to your project. It takes away the guess work on what will work together.