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I often find vintage linens at car boot sales and it breaks my heart to see such gorgeous items of social history so casually discarded. They can be picked up for mere pennies and are easily fifty to a hundred years old! This lovely project allows you to breathe new life into these wonderful works of art, helping them to last at least another fifty years!

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We've been very happily recommending and selling the highly popular and easy to use Pearl Maker Pens for the past five years with no reported problems. During a particularly cold spell of winter weather a few weeks ago, we received an email from a customer who, upon receiving the ten pens ordered was horrified to discover that nine of the pens weren't performing as they should. Instead of creating pretty domed pearl drops the results were described as, "tube like and forming a peak".

In our experience the appearance of any little unwanted 'peaks' on the pearls have usually been an early warning sign of an air bubble inside the pen and a good time to stop working on the project and clear the bubble. Our first recommendation therefore was to push through any air bubbles by working on a scrap piece of paper and making pearls until a little release of air and paint is noticed after which the pens should work perfectly. This was duly tried and we received the photograph below showing us the results. We were amazed to see what was happening and dumbfounded as to what could be making the paint behave so out of character and looked forward to receiving the products back so we could issue a refund and thoroughly test the pens.

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Paint along with me to create this delightful design perfect for Valentines Day and suitable for lots of other occasions too. From Babies to Grand Ma’s.

The video plays for approx 46 minutes. Apart from the basic sponged basecoat it is a full demo for this project and will give full understanding of the painting steps listed below. Lots of speeded up painting, stop and start as and when you need to.

For Beginners – full list of techniques needed are in the video description box.